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These Cards Have Hearts is a small tabletop role-playing game about card games and friendship. You will play as someone who cares way too much about a children's card game challenging a tournament that has a dark secret that could change the world. Fight against friends and rivals using your Heart, Skill, Luck, and Money. No matter who wins, the real winner is usually friendship.

To play all you need is 3-5 people, 4-6 hours, some 6-sided dice, and something to write things down with. You do not need any real cards to play this game!

If you grew up enjoying watching Yu-Gi-Oh (or Bakugan or any game-based friendship type of show) and thought it would be fun to be a cool anime character and have action-filled anime card battles where the rules, numbers, and cards really don't mean anything then I think you will really enjoy this game!

While I do consider this game a finished project there are plenty of things I would love to add to it and/or expand on. If you play this game and have any thoughts about it, please let me know how your time with it went. It will help me know better which things may need improvement and also hearing that people played my game would make me very happy!

These Cards Have Hearts is a Powered by the Apocalypse game and has mechanics inspired by The World Wide Wrestling RPG by Nathan D. Paoletta

Special thanks to the people who helped play-test this game: @Gender_Pirate, @SunnyTranxiety, @disabledpaladin, and @Bird_Allergies. They are all wonderful people and helped me make this game into something I love.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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